investigroupDr. Owusu Atuahene Kizito

Dr. Kizito has a track record of being a dynamic, results-driven professional. He has close to twenty years of experience in professional writing, lecturing, consulting, banking, financial analysis, project management, board member, board chairman and process improvement. In addition, he has an extensive background as analytic expert regarding the calculus of decision-making, and problem solving. Dr. Kizitoʼs skill set is magnified by his ability and by his ingenuity in the manner in which he effectively chooses and manages the professionals who work on his consulting teams. His primary engagements have center on the development and implementation of financial management systems and upgrades. This has been accomplished using a proven set of methods which are based on a systematic change process, that is both constrained by and in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations that apply to his clients’ varied situations. He has thus established an enviable track record of successfully designing solutions to difficult engagements and then coordinating their implementation. As a result he has been credited with creating, as well as maintaining, lucrative client relationships, and boosting the sales and profitability of his company. Dr. Kizito has multiple expertises in financial planning, taxation as well as housing counseling. Dr. Kizito has an MBA and a doctorate in Business Administration. He also possesses several Financial Services licenses, and IRS Enrolled Agent license and Debt Adjustment license for resolving credit and mortgage issues. Dr. Kizito recently authored a special book titled “Lived Experiences of Home Foreclosures Consequences on Physical and Mental Health”.  Dr. Kizito is currently a college professor and the owner of Investigroup LLC, NJ, President of Investigroup Nonprofit, NJ and Clear Vision Consulting and Associates Corporation, NY.

peter-croppedDr. Peter Ikre

Dr. Peter Ikre has more than 25 years of experience in Healthcare, Accounting, Taxation, Business Management and Finance both locally and internationally. Dr. Ikre is currently a business consultant/financial planning expert at Investigroup, Inc. You can reach Dr. Ikre primarily via his email:

wangWang Ling

Wang Ling has over 10 years experience as an Accountant and Tax Preparer. Additionally Ling has over 30 years experience as an International Business Consultant. She is bilingual and therefore works effectively with Chinese community.